A swedish company (http://www.trangia.se), manufacturers of the camp stove by the same name. The company was founded in 1925 by John E. Jonsson, apparently technically adept since his boyhood. John's company went on to be number one in the swedish storm-proof stove business.

The Trangia stove is a wonderful thing. Alcohol is the most common fuel, but it can also be fitted with a gas burner. When stored, the stove takes up about the space of a single 5-liter kettle. When you unpack it, you find -- varying a bit depending on the model -- 2 kettles, a frying pan, a detachable handle and the burner, with plenty of room to spare for a dishrag and brush, for example. The actual container consists of two halves, which when joined form the ingenious windshield / burner housing that makes cooking even in the strongest of gales a breeze.

The stove is indeed great, but remember that whatever your chosen method of heating water be (yarr), freeze-dried foods mostly taste like shit. Unless of course you haven't eaten in days, in which case they taste like shit but you fail to notice.

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