Note: You are probably referring to or in search of Tourette's Syndrome. Any factual information regarding this oft-made-fun-of disorder can be found there.

A Nirvana song on In Utero with nothing but completely incomprehendable screaming. And no, if you're thinking, "what's the difference? You can never understand Nirvana", I mean that. If you think Smells Like Teen Spirit and the liking are hard to understand, you have obviously not heard this. According to the inside cover of In Utero, there are 3 words, though I don't believe that.

The In Utero track starts off with a calm, sarcastic voice saying "moderate rock:", and then all hell breaks loose. That's not to say that the song isn't good.

Oh, and by the way, I think I've heard this song with the screaming cut out used in television advertising. Surely the screaming would make it a more attractive product!

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