Tortilla Omelet:

Beat three medium-sized eggs together. Add finely chopped shallots and some fresh black pepper. Take a large tortilla and lay it on a cutting board. Go find a teflon frying pan that is a little larger than the tortilla. Heat it over a medium-high flame or coil and melt a little butter in it. Add the egg mixture and allow it to cook slowly (slow is good for eggs). When it sets, slide the omelet onto the tortilla You’ll need to cut and place the omelet to size it to the tortilla. Salt the omelet and, using a vegetable peeler, cut and place some thin strips of Italian fruillano, Montery Jack, or another cheese of your choice on top of it. Roll the tortilla fairly tightly. Now melt just a little butter in the pan. Place the rolled tortilla in it and cook, turning until it is nicely browned. Slice the omelet in half on the bias to expose the contours of the filling and place on a plate with a bed of mesclun salad or baby spinach leaves.

You could also put a dollop of a dipping sauce on the side or in a small bowl. Even using some bottled barbeque sauce with the addition of Dijon mustard and powdered ancho chili would work well if you do not have any Dongshan sauces on hand. As well, you could add some chopped jalapeno to the omelet before rolling it.

(Note: The alternate name for this dish is “Huevos maki”, a play on Huevos” rancheros, the Spanish name for a Southwestern American or Mexican dish, and “maki from the Japanese for sushi that has been rolled.)

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