It wasn't supposed to rain today. Upon my daily check of the national weather service 'weather discussion', i discovered that the weather service expected the storm to go north and east. It was devoid of moisture, just a packet of cold, dry air. All we were expecting was a bit of wind. I was (and still am) at the far end of a nasty cold; the aching and drippy nose were gone, but I was stuck in that empty-headed 'sick' feeling which contains all the disadvantages of being drunk without the well-known advantages.

I dragged myself to my biology lab, to receive two tests i did poorly on, associated with a rather rude comment from an anonymous 'troll-ish' grader. Alas, there was nothing I could do. When i had came into class, i had stumbled in, much less aware of my surroundings than usual, but not too oblivious to see the black clouds forming to the east. Storms usually come from the west here, so I paid little attention to it. The air was still quite warm for early februrary.

Upon my escape from the useless lab, i was accosted by a rather abrasive blast of cold, wet air. Confused, i looked to the horizon and saw that the clouds had acquired a strange blue-grey and the precipitation swirling from beneath them looked much more like snow than rain, although it was evaporating before it reached the ground. Whatever was falling from the clouds was painting the previously-blue sky behind it a pale green.

Strange, i thought, that the sky had taken on a color so different than normal for this area, either in fair or stormy weather. I have heard that hail can paint the sky orange and green, keeping this in mind I began driving home. I was surprised to notice that about one out of ten of the drops hitting the window did so with a sharp 'thud'. There was ice in the rain.

I've seen the sky seem to turn black... the day my friend's dad went crazy and tried to chase us down the harbor freeway. It was a bright summer day.. but the sun was dying in a sea of black confusion. I've seen the sky glow, showering gold on everything around it, the day me and my girlfriend first started going out, and admitted how we felt about each other, in the Sierra foothills. I've seen the sky turn all kinds of shades of grey and blue and black in thunderstorms. But I've never seen the sky turn that shade of green before. It didn't emit shades of despair, or hope, or love, or harmony. It echoed only confusion, the truth that I am so confused by the world right now... There was a time when it all made perfect sense... these days it just doesnt.

To echo it all, my girlfriend just ran in here, grabbed something off the floor, and ran away... i have no idea why. But when i went outside, curious where she was going, the sun was painting the departing storm a bright, flaming orange. At least i think the storm is departing.. these days i don't even know. The weather is moving the wrong way today.

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