The Toronto Hemp Company is a "Tobacco and Herb accessory store", located on the second floor of 667 Yonge Street in downtown Toronto. Of the two head shops I know in Toronto, this is the superior, IMO. The other popular store, "Friendly Stranger", is more of a "cannabis culture shop" which although deals in similar contemporary tabacco smoking accessories, caters to a younger, more affluent crowd, with less emphasis on pipes and the like. While Friendly Stranger caters the hipper, more popular niche, it still sells many nice, albeit overpriced water pipes. The Toronto Hemp Company is focused on practicality and value, and strikes me as more of a head shop with more substance and less shine. THC has a very large selection of pipes and the like, especially for a store of its size, and the prices are usually much better than the Friendly Stranger; It's hard to believe the amount of products THC has crammed inside its walls.

THC is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly people who are usually more than happy to help, or answer any questions regarding cannabis or other mind-altering substances. Not only a very extensive array of water pipes and the like, THC also sells clothing (hemp and nonhemp), stickers, rolling papers of many varieties, scales, incense, seeds, spores, cactii, various hemp foodstuffs, salvia divinorum, and many drug test preparation kits. Judging from the hundreds of custom made blown glass pipes and creative or unusual CTSDs lining the shelves, I would say that THC's forte is in their actual pipes and bongs, rather than the other accessories, which seem somewhat peripheral. More than a store though, THC is one of the hubs for cannabis activism and activities in Toronto.

So far I'm very pleased with the service and products I've got there, and would recommend it to any Toronto noders who indulge in the sweet leaf from time to time.

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