An unsung but highly valued band of the late 80's and 90's;TMJ stormed out form upsate New York with a hit from their first major label album Son Of Sam Am I. They never gained a higher spot on the charts, but they had a steady folowing for thier smartly written lyrics and balls to the walls music.

Albums include Green Eggs and Crack, Son Of Sam I Am, Ceral Killers Mutiny and Finaly.

'To create you must destroy, smash a glass and yell Too Much Joy'

Some anecdotes from the history of Too Much Joy:

• The band fed hamburger to Steve Vai’s vegetarian dog.

• Three of the band members were arrested on obscenity charges and spent a night in jail for performing a 2 Live Crew "tribute concert" in Broward County, FL shortly after that band was arrested. They didn’t think very highly of that group’s music, but were interested in performing a pro-first amendment publicity stunt. Despite verbal confirmation from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sonic Youth, they were the only band to show.

• They were sued by the notoriously litigious Bozo the Clown for including a sample of Bozo saying "And then I found something in one of my pockets. It was about as big as your shoe, but it was shaped like a rocket." They settled for $200 and removed the sample.

• When some Secret Service men showed up in a club they were performing in, Tim Quirk turned the chorus of "That’s a Lie" into an impromptu anti-Clinton rant threatening the president and mentioning the presence of the Secret Service. After the show, the band was interrogated for an hour by the Secret Service. "Don’t leave town." "We’re on tour!"

• The band has letters from Newt Gingrich thanking them for their help with the 1994 "Republican revolution", A fan of the band, Jeff Holland, was working as a Republican aide, and suggested an internal "theme song" during a strategy meeting of the Republican House delegation. He bolted out to his car, grabbed the CD Cereal Killers, and returned to play the song "Theme Song". Imagine this: 30 Republican Congressmen belting out : "To create, you must destroy! Smash a glass and cry, ‘too much joy!’" One person actually smashed a glass. Real life has surpassed parody.

When Holland told the band, they demanded proof. He asked Newt’s office for some thank you letters, and they send him one for each member of the band. Holland gave the letters to them, and the band made national news when they circulated them. Newt’s office denied their existence, claiming it was a hoax.


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