Back in 1971, Michael Cobler, was a college student at San Jose State University. As many a college student will attest to, the food at the student union is not something you really want eat on an everyday basis. Growing tired of the cafeteria food, Michael invested his money in purchasing a sandwich store across the street from the college on William Street in downtown San Jose, and Togo's (pronounced Tow-Goes) was born. His goals with his new restaurant were to offer the student variety, good portions and good prices. His first sandwiches did just that, for .75 a piece.

Good ideas make for loyal followers. Soon, the place was packed and in 1974 Michael opened a new store at 866 E. Campbell Ave. The little sandwich shop’s reputation quickly had people from all over Silicon Valley stopping in for lunch and dinner. Knowing he could not meet the demand on his own, he began franchising in 1977. The Togo’s name began to be synonymous with good service, good food, good portions, and good prices.

This almost cult like following, garnered the attention of Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants, 15 Pacella Park Drive, Randolph, Massachusetts 02368, in 1997. Allied bought the name (along with Baskin Robbins, and Dunkin Donuts, with whom they are often co-branded), and intends to take the franchise world wide. It seems to be working well, as there are currently over 400 shops spread out across Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. I have even seen an ad for franchising in Canada.

If you are interested in franchising one of these shops, go to the company website, . You will need to have an initial franchise fee of $30,000 - $40,000, liquid assets of at least $100,000, and a net worth exceeding $300,000. (If anyone has the money, South Central Texas can use a Togo’s or two: Hint! Hint! ;-p)

As for the food, having worked for the company when I was a teen, I can tell you that the quality is excellent. The company has strict rules on how things are done, including how much of each item is included in your sandwich. Customer service is definitely a priority. Everything is made to order in front of you.

Their menu includes

Cold Sandwiches:
• Ham & Chees
• Turkey & Cheese
•Turkey, Salami & Cheese
• Turkey & Cranberry
• Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese
• Roast Beef & Avocado
• The Italian (Salami, Capiolla, Mortadella, Provolone & Coto)
• Capiolla, Salami & Provolone Cheese
• Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe)
• Cheese Sandwich
• Salami & Cheese
• Avocado & Turkey
• Turkey & Ham and Cheese
• Turkey, Ham, Salami & Cheese
• Chunky Chicken & Almond Salad
• Turkey Bacon & Club
Hot Sandwiches:
• California Roasted Chicken
• Meatballs in Zesty Tomato Sauce
• Hot or Cold Roast Beef
• Hot Pastrami **
• Pastrami Reuben
• Sicilian Chicken Sandwich
• Bar-B-Q Beef
• Savory BBQ Chicken Sandwich
• Sirloin Steak and Mushroom
Vegetarian Sandwiches:
• Hummus
• Egg Salad & Cheese
• Avocado & Cheese
• Avocado, Cucumber &Veggies
• Taco Salad
• Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad
• Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad
• Farmer's market Salad
Soup & Chili
• Soup of the Day (Seasonal varieties)
• Bowl of Chili •
Beverages and Sides:
• Assorted Chips
• Potato Salad
• Cookies
• Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and assorted bottled drinks Regular (20 oz.)
• Bottled Water (20 oz.)
• American
• Provolone
• Swiss
• Bacon
• Herb Mayo
• Italian Vinaigrette
• Honey Dijon
• Lettuce
• Tomato
• Onions
• Pickles
• White
• Wheat

Catering is also available. The menu and prices vary by the store, plus their executive chef is always adding new flavors and items to the menu, so it’s best to check the website for the shop nearest you. (They average about $3.99 for a regular-size up to $17.00 for the family size) The website also allows you to order online (a big plus for us busy geek type people, now if they only delivered I would be set).

**Of the items on the menu, my personal favorite is the Hot Pastrami (you can almost always smell it cooking as you walk into the store). They make it fresh in a special way that can’t be described unless you have tasted it. I have searched all over trying to find a place that comes close, but the flavor is never just right.

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June 21, 2000
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