Emerson's, a microbrewery in Dunedin, New Zealand.

It is always nice if you discover a new brewery, especially if it is a small, peculiar little microbrewery like Emerson's.

Founded by then 26 year old Richard Emerson, he started brewing in a friend's garage in 1993 because he couldn't find any proper European style beers in New Zealand and the local beers were pretty poor.

To learn how to brew a good, european beer, he toured the microbreweries of Belgium and Germany and tried to gain as much expertise as possible.

Until late 2002 they still had to bottle and cork the bottles by hand. Fortunately they now have a little machine that takes over this rather mindless activity.

The brewery follows the german purity law of 1516 and uses no artificial flavouring and preservatives. The current lineup of beers is:

A good place to sample them is the Criterion Hotel in Oamaru or maybe even visit their brewery in Dunedin.



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