"The Tivoli Bays is a large freshwater tidal wetland surrounded by undeveloped land. The average tidal range at the bays is about four feet. The property includes:

- Tivoli North Bay, a cattail marsh cut by a network of winding tidal creeks and pools;

- Tivoli South Bay, a shallow wetland cove with mud flats exposed at low tide;

- Cruger, South Cruger, and Magdalen islands and the adjacent near shore shallows;

- Stony Creek and the Saw Kill, shallow, fast-flowing streams that empty into the bays..."

Also, the Tivoli Bays area borders the campus of Bard College, and covers 1722 acres in Dutchess County. Aside from a unique ecosystem, it offers trails for running and biking, as well as ample opportunities for spotting wildlife and getting loaded beyond comprehension near the railroad tracks that run along the Hudson River.

Unfortunately, the Tivoli Bays area has been a bit less inviting since the 1997 rape of a mother and daughter in its confines; the perpetrator was never caught, and some are reluctant to traverse the land alone.

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