A convenient alternative to the more popular Cafe Pongo, Stoney Creek is a restaurant and bar located in Tivoli, NY at 76 Broadway. Offering decently complex American cuisine, Stoney Creek is one of several nice restaurants in the area.

As with Cafe Pongo, however, Stoney Creek's most important contribution to the community comes after the kitchen closes: its conversion into a dark, smoky bar is of critical significance to Bard College students, local alcoholics, jobless alums, and the town sheriff.

Stoney Creek is more relaxed then Cafe Pongo, and frequently features live music (jazz, electronic, and even rock); it is also the bar of choice for those still sober enough to dance.

Most of Stoney Creek's patrons stagger through its front door because they (a) have been thrown out of Cafe Pongo, (b) are hiding from friendly Sheriff Everett Pearsall, (c) have decided to track down that special stranger they've been meaning to sentimentally accost, or (d) find the dark lighting preferable to Pongo's merely dim atmosphere.

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