2 popular Sci-fi tropes are traveling through time and traveling through space (the universe or the galaxy or the solar system). They are both exciting ideas. If time travel were possible, one could verify history; most immediate concern - religion. Were the prophets charlatans or schizophrenics or did God really talk to them? I'd like to go forward also. Find out if humanity lives long enough to evolve into something else. Maybe speciate like the Morlocks and the Eloi.

But space travel. Hmm, that's enticing. What worlds are out there? Do they hold intelligent life? What is it like? Would we be able to get to the edge of the universe and what would we find there?

So, given a choice. And you can only take one, would you choose space or time travel? Why?

Answers are welcome at this node.

I would take time travel so I can go forward to a time when humans figure out the physics and engineering to make time travel possible. Also, if I go forward and space travel becomes feasible, I think I would have companions to go see space with. Solitary tourism is hard and boring and unfulfilling.

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