Tim Cavanagh is a wildly talented comedy musician with two albums :
  1. Sounds Like Fun
    1. Really Safe Sex
    2. Meals On Wheels
    3. Joan Blunden
    4. I Wanna Kiss Her
    5. E. R.
    6. In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blues
    7. Safe In Nevada
    8. I Thank God for Credit
    9. It’s Australia
    10. Motel Sex
    11. I Don’t Drink Anymore
    12. Piston Souvenirs
    13. Let’s Have a Drug-Free Christmas
    14. Denny’s Angel
    15. Tim’s Blues
    16. Get Drunk With Dignity
    17. Sumo Wrestling
    18. Joan Blunden (Dance Mix)
  2. The One Minute Song, Volume 1
    1. Sosa
    2. American Woman
    3. Fry Up an Eagle
    4. Go to Mass
    5. Yellow Ex-Marine/This Song Blew/Dewey Dewey
    6. Millionaire Rap
    7. Super Bowl '99
    8. My Governor
    9. Give Beef a Chance
    10. Sixty-second Home Run
    11. 500 Miles
    12. Yam Boy
    13. Midnight Train
    14. My Halloween Costume
    15. Seven Second Songs
    16. My Favorite Things
    17. Thanks for the Seventy
    18. Home Run No. 65
    19. Some Weeks
    20. 99 Dead Baboons
    21. Petroleum
    22. Viagra
    23. The Bible Factory Outlet
    24. Just Call Me Hef
    25. Clean It Up
    26. Smokin' in my Mom's Womb
    27. Valentiney
    28. Comedian on Vacation
    29. The Langston Christmas Letter

See http://www.timcav.com/ for the official scoop.

The unique approach Tim Cavanagh brings to comedy can no doubt be traced back to his childhood. His father worked in a gift shop, and would come home with jokes like:
Knick Knack...
Who's there?
Figurine Who?
Figurine in your sales tax, that'll be $37.18.

A sensitive child, Tim burst into tears the first time he ever wore mittens, thinking they were hand puppets who'd gotten their faces torn off in a horrible puppet accident. When he was 6 years old, he found out that his friend Becky got a dollar from the Tooth Fairy for each of her teeth, while he got just a quarter, so he started selling his teeth to Becky for 50 cents, and everybody made a little extra money.

In the two decades that followed, Tim went to school, received a B.A. in Philosophy, and taught religion at an all-girls Catholic high school, and then embarked on a career in comedy.

Before long, his funny songs began to win him notoriety. I Wanna Kiss Her (But She Won't Let Me) became a hit on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Radio Show. Other successful songs followed, including 99 Dead Baboons, Get Drunk With Dignity, and Really Safe Sex, which have received tremendous radio air play across the country.

Tim made his prime time network television debut on ABC-TV, appearing on George Schlatter's Comedy Club Special. In fact, one of his songs was used to close this national comedy special. He has also been featured on The Showtime Comedy Club Network and Comedy Central's Stand-Up Stand-Up.

In a profile of Tim Cavanagh, Dr. Demento said of him, "That man is a master of word play." Chicago Magazine calls Tim "a wonderful original whose songs poke fun at yet embrace people--a real relief from the sexist ploys many stand-ups believe they must engage in..." In Pittsburgh writes that Tim "performs one of the best and cleanest acts on the comedy circuit... Cavanagh uses brilliant word-play in stories and songs..."

Tim has headlined major comedy clubs throughout America for over 15 years. He has performed at hundreds of colleges and for hundreds of corporate groups. A multitude of drive-time radio shows across the country feature Tim as a regular guest. He has been a writer and contributor (including dozens of jingles and songs) on The Danny Bonaduce Show when it was heard on WLUP-FM in Chicago, on WKQI in Detroit, and on BIG 105 in New York City. He is a frequent and favorite guest on "The Bob and Tom Show", a morning drive show syndicated in roughly 100 markets. The One Minute Song is Tim's regular segment featured on "The Bob & Tom Show." Tim is also a frequent guest on "The Jim Krenn Show," on WDVE in Pittsburgh.

In 1997, Tim released his first comedy CD, Sounds Like Fun!, featuring 18 original comedy songs. The Chicago Tribune declared, "Tim Cavanagh's 'Sounds Like Fun!' CD sounds like, well, fun." The CD is being carried by many Wherehouse Music, National Record Mart, Karma, and other record stores in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

In November of 2000, Tim released his second CD, The One Minute Song, Volume 1, featuring 29 comedy songs and pieces. Twenty seven of the songs on this CD are One Minute Songs Tim wrote and performed for "The Bob & Tom Show." The album is a mixture of live radio cuts straight from "The Bob & Tom Show" and produced songs with "The Bob & Tom Band."

Unfortunately, comedy is beginning to affect his sleep, though. According to Tim, "I've been having this recurring dream. I dream that they've erected a memorial to all those jokes I've written that have died. And people file past the memorial, and for every joke, there's a moment of silence...again."

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