Tilex, produced by Clorox, is advertised as a soap scum remover and bathroom cleaner that kills household germs (99.9% of them, to be exact), cuts through tough grime to leave a clean shine, and disinfects and deodorizes to leave a "fresh scent". I call it a stink, but other than that I have to concur that it does clean your bathroom like nobody's business.

It can be used on any of what are euphemistically called "bathroom surfaces" like tubs, shower walls and doors, tiles, toilets, sinks and taps, and it works without scrubbing. You just spray this gunk on and a solvent penetrates and loosens scum and dirt. Then a chelating agent breaks down that yuck, after which water will simply rinse it away. It's supposed to be safe for your skin ("when used as directed") and won't harm pets or septic systems. In a burst of recent marketing, there's a new kind of Tilex that you can spray on every day, after every shower, to maintain that clean shine. You don't need to, though; just use a squeegee after you shower, and spray on Tilex every couple of weeks. They also make a mildew remover to get rid of that yucky black stuff in your grout. I've never used it, though, so I can't say if it works.

Now, I'm not one for commercial cleaners, or for things made of weird chemicals, preferring the old vinegar and baking soda routine. But Tilex really does make my shower cleaner than I ever got it with that friendly cleaning stuff, and with a lot less work. Sometimes I bite the bullet and just use these noxious products, and Tilex is one of them.

You can visit the growing family of Tilex products at their internet home: www.tilex.com

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