Biennial soccer (football to non-Americans) tournament for countries of the AFF (ASEAN Football Federation). Started in 1996 and sponsored by Tiger Beer, the tournament is the regional championship of Southeast Asia.

The AFF has 10 members (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). However, Brunei has not taken part in the last 2 Tiger Cups (2000 and 2002). As such, there have been 9 teams in those tournaments.

The format in those last two Tiger Cups included preliminary round group play (one group of 5; one group of 4. Each team plays the other teams in the group. The top two teams in each group advance to the semifinals), with semifinals and a championship final held at a preselected site.

However, it was recently announced that the format for 2004 will have the semifinals and final be two leg home and away series (with each team hosting the other).

Below's a list of the winners and host nation of the final

Year Winner      Host
1996 Thailand    Singapore
1998 Singapore   Vietnam
2000 Thailand    Thailand
2002 Thailand    Indonesia


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