Those men noticed themselves a little empty. And when they tried to remember something about their past, they realized that it was...almost empty. But what about these simple ideas, so tenacious in their minds?

1) After the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin was asked what type of government we have. He replied, 'A republic, if you can keep it (...) keeping government honest and hence our freedoms intact requires eternal vigilance.'

2) How will the world's growing population be fed in the 21st century? Experts addressed that question taking a hard look at both the contributions and the risks of genetically modified (GM) food: Dr. Per Pinstrup-Andersen, director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute, said that an estimated 680 million people in the developing world will not have access to sufficient food to maintain health. Other experts warned that an estimated 135 million preschool children are expected to be malnourished by 2020, and that millions more will be food insecure, lacking access to sufficient food resources.

3) And GM food arrived, spreading throghout. And life seemed to languish everywhere.

4) Some human beings tried to vary these savage politics: José Bové, had faced ejection from the country for his role in the occupation of an experimental farm owned by the US agribusiness giant Monsanto. Bové and about 1,300 farmers destroyed five acres of soybeans at the Monsanto farm at Nao Me Toque, saying the beans were genetically engineered. GM food was supported by corporations which concentrated themselves the most power never known in the Earth memory. José, naively, said:

"Let us transform our gestures of indignation into an organized movement on a global scale to overcome unemployment, absolute poverty, hunger, discrimination, domination, wars, the concentration of land ownership, massive alienation and the irrational destruction of the environment."

5) In fact, on April 16th 2000, finance ministers and central bankers from 25 countries, as well as ministers from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and World Trade Organization came to Washington. These institutions "bail out" governments with debt and credit problems, but they only provide money to governments that agree to allow corporations free access to their countries' resources and labor. They fire government employees and slash programs in health and education. In the case of the biggest bail-outs, like South Korea, most of the money goes to foreign investors to restore their confidence.

6) Riots arised, and citizens were arrested for holding signs and protesting against Bush at a public rally at Tampa's Legends Field on June 6, 2001. What they did not know is that in the Governor’s America citizens must cheer for and bow to him or risk violent retaliation from police. The Regime claimed that the local police was acting on instructions from the Secret Service because that signs, critical for the Governor, were a security risk. Because the 'Constitutional Rights' in such a case could be considered a security risk.

7) And the nightmare finished: life languished everywhere, and eventually the Earth looked like Mars in all but in its size (and, perhaps, in its temperature).

Then those men, felling themselves as a dry skin, as an empty and dead black animal, began vanishing.

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