Thorgal is a Belgian comics (or bandes dessinées). It has been created by Grzegorz Rosinski and Jean Van Hamme. It is edited by Le Lombard.


A people, from terrestrial origin, escaped from Earth millenniums ago. A handful of these men came back to Earth, in a spaceship. Xargos, its commander, had a lieutenant: Varth, that was the companion of Haynée, Xargos' daughter. Varth rebelled successfully, but the spaceship crashed on a wild island in the North, Fleeing this island during a violent storm, Haynée gave birth to a boy. Varth laid down his son in an unsinkable raft.

The boy is taken in by the sailor-warriors from beyond the big waters called Vikings. They adopt him and call him Thorgal Aegirsson from the names of their gods Thor and Aegir. Thorgal becomes an accomplished archer, falls in love with Aaricia, a Viking princess, who gives him two children: Jolan and Louve, each having a strange power, but that covers entire stories...

Here is the list of the issues already published:

  1. La Magicienne trahie (The betrayed Magician)
  2. L'île des Mers gelées (The island of the frozen Seas)
  3. Les 3 Vieillards du Pays d'Aran (The 3 old Men of Aran Land)
  4. La Galère noire (The black Galley)
  5. Au-delà des Ombres (Beyond the Shadows)
  6. La Chute de Brek Zarih(The Fall of Brek Zarith)
  7. L'Enfant des Ètoiles(Child of the Stars)
  8. Alinoë(Alinoë)
  9. Les Archers(Archers)
  10. Le pays Qâ(Qâ land)
  11. Les Yeux de Tanatloc(Tanatloc's Eyes)
  12. La Cité du Dieu perdu(City of the lost God)
  13. Entre Terre et Lumière(Between Earth and Light)
  14. Aaricia(Aaricia)
  15. Le Maître des Montagnes(Master of Mountains)
  16. Louve(She-Wolf)
  17. La Gardienne des Clés(Keys' Keeper)
  18. L'Épée-Soleil(Sun-Sword)
  19. La Forteresse invisible(The invisible Fortress)
  20. La Marque des bannis(Exiles' Brand)
  21. La Couronne d'Ogotaï(Ogotaï's Crown)
  22. Géants(Giants)
  23. La Cage(The Cage)
  24. Arachnéa (Arachnea)
  25. Le Mal bleu (Bluesick (a bit adacious as a translation, what for Blue Illness?))

I translated these titles alone, so feel free to help, /msg me!

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