When the Dalton brothers had met their inevitable fate early on in the Lucky Luke comic book series, they turned out to be so popular with its readership - or so the story goes - that its author, Morris, decided to resurrect them.

Hence, the cousins Dalton were born: from small to tall:

  1. Joe, the evil mastermind, always with a plan to dispose of our hero ("Now you've had it, Lucky Luke! Harharhaaaarrr!")
  2. William and
  3. Jack, who play the chorus ("Don't do it, Joe!" Watch out, Joe!"); and
  4. Averell, the dumb part, the anti-hero, whose real interest is food ("I couldn't help it, Joe!")

Perfect vehicles for Goscinny's comic devices, the Daltons grew in importance, taking center stage with Lucky Luke in many albums.