Jean VAN HAMME (Jean is the French for John) lives in Brussels, where he was born. He is a writer since 1976.

For bandes dessinées (or comics), he wrote for Cuvelier, Géri,Beautemps, Dany, Aidans, Chéret, Vance and Griffo. Twice Prix Saint-Michel laureate for the best scenario, in 1978 for Histoire sans Héros (Story without Heroes) (drawn by Dany) and in 1980 for the whole of its scenarios, he receives the Grand Prix du scénario du Festival de Sierre 86 for all his work. In 1988, he receives the prize of the best scenario for Thorgal and XIII in the Festival de la Bulle d'Or of Lyons.

Jean Van Hamme teaches writing for cinema at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion de Louvain-la-Neuve.

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