I have always been looked down upon as a procrastinator. I really think that this is an unfair judgment. Why does procrastination have to be seen as such a bad thing? It made me wonder if there are any advantages to procrastinating. So, after a period of pondering I realized that it isn't a bad thing at all, but actually a true form of inspiration.

You are probably calling me crazy at this point, but I can assure you that it is true! In fact, the more I thought about it the more reasonable the idea became. I began to see mathematical proof that my idea was correct. Procrastination is actually inspiration as a function of time!

I came up with a simple mathematical formula that I call the procrastination formula.

Inspiration = (average amount of time the task would take)/(seconds until deadline)

or I=k/t

(where 'k' is a constant with no units and 't' is time in seconds)

NOTE: seconds can be interchanged with days or even years. However, in my experiences, I have noticed that seconds is usually the best way to go.

As the clock ticks closer to the deadline the Inspiration goes up. And the closer the time left gets to zero the faster the Inspiration increases. The size of the task also takes an effect: the larger the task (the more time it usually takes to accomplish) the more inspiration is produced.

Furthermore, it turns out that by dividing a constant by seconds we find that our end units are the inverse of seconds (1/s) or hertz. I find it appropriate for Inspiration to be measured in hertz because this signifies frequency and frequency is pretty much just a rate of change in anything. Therefore, the more inspiration one has the more they are changing. This change creates a dynamic mood which one must obtain to complete a task.

This equation does not work for tasks without a deadline. No inspiration can be produced by this equation if no time limit is set upon the task. There may still be inspiration to complete the task when no deadline is present. However, the inspiration has no relation to time.

The procrastination formula is a simple beacon of hope for the procrastinators of the world. We can no longer be put down or ridiculed by waiting until the last minute to get things done. Procrastination is a means to or even the source of inspiration for our eager minds. So the next time your teacher or boss tells you that you should get busy on a project just show him/her this equation and keep on procrastinating!

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