Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of Captain Temptest and his crew may we welcome you aboard Routine Scientific Survey Flight Nine.

Before we enter into an outgoing take-off scenario it is space fleet command regulations that we take you through emergency procedures.

Firstly, may we respectfully point out that the use of all audio visual recording devices, including flash photography, is strictly prohibited on board this flight.

Secondly, may we point out the emergency exits. They are located here, here and here.

In the event of cabin decompression, oxygen masks will come down from the overhead compartments. Place them over your mouth and nose and breathe normally.

Finally the POLARITY REVERSAL DRILL. If you look below you/ahead, you will see the Klystron Generator.


Polarity is reversal is a very dangerous procedure that's why we tell you not to do it. However, in the unlikely event of entering a polarity reversal situation, we ask you to follow this simple drill:

Return to the Forbidden Planet is quite possibly the funniest musical ever created. It was created in 1989 by Bob Carlton and was first performed by the Bubble Theatre Company. In 1990, the show won the Laurence Olivier Award for "Best Musical" and has since toured the UK 6 times. Its success has spread internationally, with productions in the US, Japan, Austrailia and Germany. In 2000 it was awarded the title "Cult show of the Decade".

Loosly based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and 1950s B Movie "The Forbidden Planet", the story revolves around the crew returning to the planet in the movie.

But, like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", the plot does not matter.

Every member of the cast plays at least two instruments, to an extremely high standard. This is exemplified by the fact that the cast seem determined to outdo each other's performance. The music is based around 50s and 60s rock and roll and the show features the following songs:

The show is currently touring the UK, I suggest you see it if you possibly can. The dates are below: (thanks to for tour dates, if this becomes out of date, please remind me by /msg and I will update it)

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