A right so basic, it is surprising it is not generally recognized. At least not explicitly, though it is implied in such rights as freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

The right to be wrong is of utmost importance. Its recognition would make human society much better.

Consider how often this right is violated:

Yet, even ancient Romans already recognized that Errare humanum est, i.e., to err is human. A Slovak proverb admits that A horse has four legs and yet he stumbles.

But no, we just cannot admit we are imperfect. I tell you what I think of perfection: Perfection is for neurotics! That's what I think. Not for monks as it is commonly said, for neurotics.

What a relief will that be when the fundamental human right to be wrong is finally recognized by society!

  • We will no longer be afraid to admit I am wrong.
  • We will no longer feel we must fight for our position no matter what.

As a result:

Hmmm... What a coincidence: It is Fourth of July, the Independence Day in the US, as I am writing these words.

No, I did not plan it that way. But it is a good reminder that we cannot be truly independent until we allow ourselves as well as the others to be wrong!

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