Act I

It begins with anticipation.
With wedding plans and bliss
With sun filled days and moonlit nights
And the ever passionate kiss

The honeymoon is planned
For a journey far away
A trip to places once unknown
For forever and a day

Act II

The years melt by so slowly
They stand the test of time
There are places to go and things to do
And what is yours is mine

Their bed is shared together
Each one with their own side
The kids arrive and things start to change
For the husband and the bride


The years move by so quickly
What was once the now seems then
There are lunches packed and lessons learned
All over and over again

They share their time together
But they are never quite alone
There’s the hustle and the bustle of the world outside
And on and on it drones

Act IV

The kids have grown and now have left
The house seems so empty now
They stare across the years gone by
And try to figure out the how

The nights are spent in quiet
They read their books and magazines
A loving touch, a wink of the eye
And a fondness for their dreams


They walk together slowly
To the beaches and the park
Their steps are slow and measured
They try and make it home by dark

One goes before the other
It doesn’t matter which
The residue of a marriage shared
Seems so lovely and so rich

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