The reason that people with distinctly different political views will never agree on many issues. Because the most fundamental part of a person's views are dependent on what they think the purpose of government is.

Some see government as simply a method of enforcing contracts and protecting against foreign invasion. Others think the government should provide a minimum lifestyle so that people who are down on their luck have a chance of getting back on their feet. Or people think the government should regulate things to prevent the corporation from gaining too much power over the people. Maybe they see government as legislating morality, or preventing others from forcing morality on each other. Perhaps it's there to try to improve society. A few even think it's only purpose is to enslave people and take away their freedoms and they advocate a total lack of government.

But if you don't agree on the most fundamental assumptions, then you most likely can never agree on any ideas built on them.

Oh yeah. A few psychotic people tend to think the government is there to give them the power to rule over people and remind people that they are better than everyone else. These are the people that tend to want to participate in the government. (See politician)

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