After pondering and failing to find anything which wasn't absurd I realised I was being absurd and that death was not absurd.

Like, I'm going to die. It's scary. Nothing to be done, no way to stop it. It's coming.

But it's comforting, in a weird way to know that there is something serious which must be solved or it will result in suffering and general bitching.

But how to do it? How to stop being afraid of the the Big D.? Not just saying I'm not afraid of Death but really, deeply, meaning it?

It sounds as if you are looking for an answer to this question - namely, how one might overcome a fear of death.
Let me warn you, before I say any more. There is no way to avoid fearing death. Fearing death is natural and a basic instinct necessity to survival. The results would not be desirable if we were not afraid of death. See suicide and Heaven's gate.
Lots has been said on this subject, but I think the shortest and most mind boggling one is also the most interesting. It was said by the greek philosopher Epicurus, and reads as follows:

When we are, death is not; and when death is, we are not.

To paraphrase:

  • Death represents the degeneration of the body.
  • The soul cannot live apart from the body.
  • Therefore, in death, the soul cannot be present.
So, death is something that we will never directly experience. Epicurus concluded that it would be futile for us to spend our time fretting over it, for this reason.
An interesting notion. However, although logical, it's not very comforting to most people... though it is an interesting mental exercise. The moral of the story is:

Don't curse your fear of death. See it as motivation for you to enjoy life. Death is not meant to be solved, and does not have to result in suffering. Death is simply the other side of the coin of life.

When you die, you will not exist as you do now, or at least that is the best guess.

There was another time that this was true.

Before you were born.

So, if you hold no bad memories of that time, why fear death? Certainly, avoid it if you can, because life is a rather interesting thing. You'll feel fear anyway because it's hardwired into your brain. But at least know there's no other reason to.

Unless you've angered the Great Cosmic Star Goat, and are fated for Eternal Bile, of course.

All of your answers are fine and adequate, but they fail to elaborate on the real problem with life and death. They negate each other, they are mutually exclusive. As soon as you've settled down and gotten comfy with one, things up and change. You just can't do both at once and that makes for a shocking transition. Hey I'm alive! ZOT! Crap I'm dead BAMF! Damn, now I'm alive again. When will this roller coaster ever end!

If you stop fearing death you will stop feeling alive. Why do skydivers skydive? Why do people pilot race cars? Why do people enjoy fighting? Because there is a chance of death in all these things, and because we fear death it brings on an adrenaline rush that reminds us that we are in fact alive. Either that or there is something wrong with me.

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