I gave the baby her first taste of carrots today. Her first vegetables. Her eyes didn't just light up, they damn near popped out of the sockets. They opened up so wide I thought I had poisoned her. But no, it was delight. I had worried about this. I had been asking myself, what if she refused to eat it? What if it didn't agree with her? What was her diaper going to look like later on?

All was well, however. She gobbled it down. She burbled and squealed. It was amazing. I can hardly imagine how it must feel. Think of it. You're four months old, and discovering your fourth new taste. It's radically different from the other three. You have no preconceptions, no expectations. It's just an amazing new discovery.

It must be great to have everything be so new. I love watching her discover things. It was only a week ago that she discovered rolling over. Rolling over is fantastic. What you have to do is rock and twist really, really hard, and make sure your feet aren't twisted around each other, and then sort of turn your head the right way. Then you need to do something with your hand, the one that got stuck underneath you. It needs to come out. It's a difficult thing to accomplish, but the new perspective offered by lying on your stomach is well worth the effort. And if you get tired of trying to hold your head up, you can just scream for a while, and eventually that green-haired person will tear himself away from the computer and come flip you back onto your back. It's just the most amazing game ever.

Oh yes, and the diaper was fine, although its filling was accompanied by one of those extra-loud BBBBBBRAPPP!!! noises that make babies so embarassing at times. She can digest carrots. I love this.

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