The envelope held fingernail parings and a note which read, "There are more where these came from." Bob glared at the note through half-opened eyes, stifling a yawn.

"Hey Tom!", he yelled out, facing the note.

"Yah?", came a voice from another room.

Bob tucked the note back into the envelope and rolled his eyes. "Looks like ya got another one.", he said aloud to no one in particular.

"Again? That's the fourth one this week!", replied the same voice in some other room.

"Whaddya want me to do with it?", asked Bob, no longer making a conscious effort to stop from yawning.

"Um, just put it in the drawer with all the others.", Tom answered, dismissing the issue and re-engaging himself in what he was doing.

Bob pulled open a drawer from the desk he was at to reveal about twenty similiarly stuffed envelopes jammed inside with a handful of "There are more where these came from" notes strewn about. He tossed the newest letter in without giving it another thought and pushed the drawer shut. Getting up from the desk, he wiped his eyes and, half-yawning, wondered aloud, "God, who keeps sending these?", and went to pee.

Meanwhile, across the street at FiFi's House of Beautiness, Rudolfo (or Rudolfo The Mad or Rudolfo The 2pm To 5pm Manicurist) just couldn't stop laughing. He peered out from the Venetian blinds to the apartment building complex across the way, smiling so hard he couldn't breathe.

a writing assignment from en202, my one creative writing class at bu. the task here was to choose from a list of four beginnings and to form a story around that one beginning. kinda like a nodeshell rescue, except you have to use it as the opening line.

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