Have you ever repeated a word several times in your head, and then realised that it doesnt seem right? Or maybe You've been watching something happen to someone else, and just been hit by how strange and bizarre it looks? Well youve just seen part of the real world, where things arent normal just because they exist.. Where people arent behaving normally just because they behave like everyone else.. Where the distinction between normality, and reality is clear and defined. This is the world of Ketamine, or Donkey Dust, as its sometimes known.

Ketamine is a powerfull tranquilizer, which was used by the Americans(Is there ANY drug they wont test on there own citizens?) on soldiers during the korean and vietnam wars. Up until recently it was used on humans in small amounts, but that practice has stopped in the UK, with Ketamine being used entirely on horses. This also led to its legalisation as a prescription drug, even though it is no longer prescribed to humans.

There is an enormous amount of ill educated nonsense spoken about K, so Im going to set the record straight. In small amounts K produces a tranquilizing effect, providing unlimited energy, and almost no feeling of pain at all. Any other effects are provided by the person taking the drugs mental state, as with any drug... In large amounts ketamine can only be described as bizarre, taking everything that seemed normal before, and just making it seem wierd. Allthough hallucinations can occasionally be seen, ketamine is not a hallucinogen, and the hallucinations you see are produced by your brain trying to make objects seem normal by re-associating them to different meanings. This obviously leads to a state of confusion and some extremely strange visuals.

What follows is how I saw my first night on Ketamine, which I know is distorted a little, but hey, thats Special K for ya..

Ok, so Im sitting in a fantastic squat party in hackney wick, which is in north east London, and my friend offers me some Ketamine, and gives me a wrap full of it. So, I have a good start to the night, I have a pill, I dance around a lot to some wicked TranceCore, and some acid techno, and then I decide its time to try the Ketamine. I know most of the guys organising this party, so I take all the people I came with into the back of the cloakroom to get some peace and quiet, and a nice flat surface

I cut up six small lines, because Id allready been told that small lines were just fun at parties, and I give one to everyone.. I didnt even notice anything till I tried to dance again, and I realised I was just waving my arms round everywhere. It was like not having a body, and just floating round inside my brain, watching, detached from what was happening, but it was controllable, and nice, making me feel warm and protected.

The effects wore off after about two hours, so I did another line, and so on for another four lines, until about 10am on sunday, when I stopped so Id have some left when I got home. When we finally got home around 8PM on sunday I had enough left for about eight small lines, but my friend James whips out two more wraps and suggests some serious lines of K, and who am I to argue?

So me and James set about cutting up five huge lines of K, using two and a half full wraps(Two and a bit grammes, ish). And without a thought for what it could do in these amounts, I snorted it all. Now, everyone generally heads back to my house after a party, and sits around listening to music and watching movies, so we all sat in the living room, and I got the living room PC playing some MP3s. But shortly after we take the K, the playlist ends, and I have to put more on. So I connect to my pc upstairs, and start copying some across to listen to. Then, completely out of the blue, I spin round quickly, and everything just spins out of control, like Im incredibly dizzy. I assume its just tiredness, and carry on with the mp3s, until the windows start resizing themselves depending on where my head is positioned, and I realise I can no longer understand anyone.

Now I was getting a little freaked out by now, nobody had told me what it did, but this definately wasnt right, because it was so odd. Of course, after Id finished the K, I realised that this was right, the whole point of the drugs is to seperate you from reality, and show it you in its raw, unaltered state. A door is a door normally, but on K, its a piece of wood thats been jammed into a hole in your wall, no pre-conceptions about what this piece of wood could be are involved, its just a piece of wood..

So after about five minutes I make a move, and go for a wander round the house, with my limbs completely weightless, and my head swaying side to side. The first thing I see is the backdoor, and it looks completely fucked up and stupid, so I avoid that, and go to look upstairs, where I find my PC playing some psy trance, and some visualizations, which just completely blow my mind, and make me collapse on the bed, mesmerized with the screen. That only lasted about ten minutes then I got bored of it, so I move back downstairs, realising that I can understand people now(There all as fucked as me), so I start talking about things. And within ten minutes Ive thought about two majorly fucked horrible things that have happened to me in the past, and completely resolved any issues I may have had with them. After Id finished with the K, the affects of all that deep thinking stayed behind, and I experienced some immense amounts of inner peace and happiness.

I also remember taking a step back from the world and just realising how rediculous a lot of things were.. I wont go into them, you have to see them on K really to notice them. I will however give you this quote from the fantastic Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, which sums up what I saw...

"Most humans spend there entire lives exchanging small pieces of paper in search of eternal happiness. They think digital watches are cool, but even the humans with digital watches arent happy"

And on that note, Ill let you continue living in normality, letting you believe that what you see is normal. But if you want to see things for real, do yourself a favour and take some Ketamine, then You'll see, life is rediculous, its all complete and utter nonsense.

"Perception distorts reality. Perception helps makes your reality. If you want to see things clearly you need to seperate from yourself, and look through clear eyes."

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