Since I got off work early today, instead of going home, I took a walk in downtown Shanghai, which is the central shopping district of the city. And lo and behold, I see consumerism right before my eyes. In a country that is communist in name, nonetheless! How's that for a kick in the nuts to uneducated buffoons claiming that "there are no entrepreneurs in China", and other notions that I have heard so much in the past.

It's a different scene than five years ago, when I came here. Back then, it was, as some people call it, a fledging capitalist system? The concept of advertising was pretty much nonexistant, and people still had very high saving rates, estimated to be over half their incomes. The loosening of their wallets was a main factor in the economic revolution of China, and domestic spending has increased dramatically over the past few years. The influx of domestic and foreign investment, a relaxing of the banking system, and high spending was the drive behind China's recent economic successes.

And I saw it right before me. It wasn't as well-developed as American consumerism, but it's getting there. Friday afternoon, the throngs of shoppers are crowding the streets, spending, spending, spending. Large ads proclaim the superiority of their endorsed goods. The shops are making a killing. Good old capitalism in the works. Everyone's joining the rush into capitalism. I stumbled across the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It was packed.

The state-owned enterprises are all in ruins, getting snapped up at low prices by private investors. The public sector is slowly being dismantled. Heck, the Chinese government knew there is no way in hell communism is going to work, so they might as well enjoy the sweet embrace of money and capitalism. How does it feel, haters of capitalism, that the last Marxist superpower just abandoned communism? Soon, consumerism will also take control in China. Isn't it wonderful?

Do you people still think communism will work? Try arguing against 90 years of history.

"To be rich is glorious." - Deng Xiaoping

And what do you know about China's cultural history, mat catastrople? Are you saying that old Chinese culture and new East-West fusion culture cannot coexist? If you are, I feel sorry for your ignorance.

Also, before you mention Tiananmen Square again, read my node about it. Tiananmen Square was not about democracy, as so many Americans would like to believe. I absolutely hate it when people talk about the Tiananmen Square Massacre as if they know exactly what they were talking about. Yes, that event was about change, but not the kind of change most people think of.

In any case, better capitalist than commie. Also, see my writeup in Stalinism != Communism. It's related to all this.

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