An extremely poor quality TV show normally broadcast on Saturday afternoons on Channel 5 in the UK.


The program is set in a post-apocalyptic style world where a disease infected and wiped out all of the adults. I think that adults are basically defined as 20+ in this.

To support themselves the youths have formed into tribes to look after themselves, hence the name of the show. The show follows one tribe, The MallRats and their quest for survival in the hard world. There is a healthy dose of religous cults and other amusing tribes.

A key feature of the show seems to be the absurd costumes that all the characters wear. Where these costumes fail to cover the body completely it is possible to see extemely unimaginative and poorly designed body paint images on them. The only thing more amusing is their hair, dyed in a soul renching variety of clashing colours and styled for maximum audience humour.

So you will be pleased to know that in the future, although we will have an astonishingly harshly rationed battery supply hair and beauty products will be in abundance.

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