Victor French is probably best remembered for his role of Mr. (Isiah) Edwards in the long running television series Little House on the Prairie. But few people know that he was cast as the first Agent 44, appearing in five episodes of Get Smart. He was also a director for the series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Born on December 4, 1934 in Santa Barbara California, he was the son of a movie stuntman. From a young age he wanted to act. He began working with his father as a stuntman on the set of Gunsmoke. After attending acting classes at Los Angelas Valley College and California State University at Los Angelas he auditioned for television roles. His first roles were in westerns and he earned himself the reputation of playing hardened types. His often untrimmed beard helped him to portray believable bad guys.

While working on the set of Bonanza he met Michael Landon. This friendship lasted many years and the two often starred together, most memorably in Michaels series Highway to Heaven. In 1970 Victor married actress Julie Cobb and the couple had three children.

During his acting career, Victor was a character actor in such television series as Lassie, The Waltons, and Fame. He as easily portrayed an affable sidekick as he did a rough and tough ranch hand.

On June 15, 1989 Victor died in Los Angeles.

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