The secret to life would best be defined as a secret which will make life much simpler and give an obvious path to follow, be it to enlightenment, heaven, whatever. Many people say it is different for everyone, but I think that is just on the superficial level.

I think there is a secret to life, and its a lot simpler than most people think. I sat and thought about this for some time, I looked at what life prevailed, both from a global perspective (all animals/plants, etc) and from a social (purely human) standpoint. And it seemed that as I asked the question the answer was given in the question.
What life flourished? The life that is stronger and better suited to its environment.
What life is better suited to it's environment? The life that has seen it's environment and adapted to it first.
This led me to something I have heard spewed from a million people, in a million different contexts, but it seemed to make sense.

Learn from your mistakes

If you understand that you must learn from your mistakes, then many things go along with it, such as understanding of other people, and their mistakes. It also sets you in a position where you wont be doomed to a vicious cycle of repeating your failures. You can see the same pattern in all life, its Darwinism, except humans are able to adapt in many senses of the word. Luckily, this isn’t very hard for people. However, based on this idea, the secret of life is something you will only get with time, if you will even get there. All you can do is Keep On Truckin' and attempt to better yourself in the process.

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