Known for catchy, quirky songs and wild live performances, the Ruiners (, a favorite in the Detroit Rock scene, are an incendiary mixture of Punk, Surf, Goth, Rockabilly, Garage and Pop music. During a typical Ruiners show it's not unusual to witness the destruction of washing machines, computers, vacuum cleaners and other such decidedly non-Rock 'n Roll items. Audience members are encouraged to participate in the cathartic fun. Other stage props include the lead singer's flamethrower guitar and the Motorsaurus Rex--an 8-foot fire-breathing dinosaur composed of motorcycle parts.

Members of the band are:
Rick Ruiner - Vocals, guitar
Gary Ruiner - Guitar, vocals
Scott Ruiner - Bass, vocals
Eric Ruiner - Drums, vocals
Lou Ruiner - Keyboard, vocals

The Ruiners have released a CD entitled Post-Apocalipstick World on the aptly-named Poverty Records. They generously share their bass player with friends Hot Wool Rat and ask only that he be returned relatively undamaged.

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