Although Detroit is known throughout the world primarily for its automotive industry and reputation for violent crime, it has also has a rich musical history. Motown Records enjoyed phenomenal success in the 60's, creating an influential sound all its own, while such artists as Alice Cooper, the MC5, Bob Seger, Madonna and Ted Nugent spent their formative years in the Detroit area. More recently, Rap-Rock success stories Kid Rock, Eminem and Insane Clown Posse have made no secret of their the Motor City roots.

The Rock Music scene in Detroit has been steadily garnering attention; bands like His Name Is Alive and the Gories have achieved cult-status on a national level while the Detroit Cobras and the Demolition Doll Rods have found success overseas. Breakout acts like The White Stripes and Howling Diablos have signed with indie labels and are paving the way for more talents such as the Lanternjack, 500 ft. of Pipe, Broadzilla, Hemigod and the Ruiners.

Rock music from the state of Michigan has a great future ahead of it.

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