Movie, released in 1999, about four teens in 1978, who are all huge Kiss fans. In fact, they are such huge fans, that they have formed their own Kiss tribute band, Mystery. They plan on going to a Kiss concert in Detroit, but their tickets get burned. Then one of them wins tickets on a radio show, but he hangs up the phone before they can ask him his address, so they still don't have tickets. Not knowing that, they go to the radio station in Detroit to claim the tickets, but they don't get them. When they return outside, their car is stolen (along with a girl who was still in it, asleep). So, there they are, in Detroit, near the Kiss concert, without tickets, and without a car. They decide to split up and each one tries to get a ticket for himself in the ninety minutes that they have left.

Jam, played by Sam Huntington, gets caught by his mother (who also burned the tickets) who was protesting against the Kiss concert (she thinks they are the devil), and she takes him to a church to confess his sins. There he has sex in the confessionbooth with a girl he knew from school, who had a crush on him for a long time.

Hawk, played by Edward Furlong (of Terminator 2 fame), finds a guy who sells tickets, but Hawk has no money so he decides to enter a contest in a stripclub. After throwing up on stage, he still takes off all his clothes and is a success, but he doesn't win the contest. However, a woman in the bar likes him and they end up screwing in her car. She then pays him some money so now he can buy a ticket. Too bad for him that the guy who sold the tickets runs away when he sees him coming back. He didn't have any tickets left to sell.

Lex, played by Giuseppe Andrews, decides to sneak into the concert by pretending he is a crewmember. Two security guards don't believe him and chase him. Eventually they catch him and throw him in a pile of garbage. When climbing out of the garbage, he comes across a garage where his car is (well, it was his mother's car). With the aid of a few dogs, he gets his car back, and the girl that the car thieves were holding. They end up smooching.

Trip, played by James DeBello, is a pot-smoking coward. His plan to get a ticket: beat up a kid and force him to hand it to him. He runs into the wrong kid, who yells for his older brother. He and his friends beat the shit out of Trip, and force him to get them some money. He agrees and decides to rob the convenience store in which they are at that moment. Just as he put on his mask, a real robber enters. Trip saves the day and gets to kiss the girl behind the counter. He gets some money for stopping the robbery (store policy). Being the coward that he is, he goes back to the guys who beat him up and hands over the money he received, only to be beaten up again.

A few minutes before the show starts, the four regroup near the venue. Since none of them has a ticket, they decide to beat the shit out of each other and then claim to have been robbed. When they get to the shows, the security guards at the entrance don't believe them. Suddenly, Trip spots the guys who beat him up, and tells the guards that they were the guys who robbed them. Those guys get thrown out, and Trip, Lex, Hawk and Jam get to see the show.

The picture ends with Kiss playing the titletrack: Detroit Rock City. The DVD release is especially cool since it has multiple angles to choose from during this song.

This comedy especially appeals to Kiss fans, not only because it's about Kiss fans, but also because there are tons of references to Kiss songs and albums. However, you don't have to be a Kiss fan to enjoy the movie.



Also a song by Kiss, the opening track from the album Destroyer (1976).
Written by Paul Stanley and Bob Ezrin, and it was the third single to be taken from the album.

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