It's Taking the World By Donkey.

Something about their music:
It's very strange stuff. Really very strange. The Rugburns combined simple folk-esque tunes with quirky lyrics that sometimes make sense and sometimes don't. They remind me a bit of Camper Van Beethoven at times. While most of their songs are amusing and ought to be taken lightly, they are (Steve Poltz is) capable of writing "serious" songs about love and life and growing old.

Steve Poltz isn't the only former Rugburn to be doing solo work. Bassist Gregory Page has also recorded his own music, a more mellow less laugh-outloud sort of folky stuff.

Morning Wood; 1994 Manifesto
Mommy, I'm Sorry (EP); 1995
Taking the World by Donkey; 1995

Personal recommendations:
Morning Wood: "Hitchhiker Joe", "My Carphone's on the Pill", "My Boyfriend", "Me and Eddie Vedder"
Mommy, I'm Sorry: "The Fairies Came", "Dick's Automotive", "Sesame Street"
Taking the World By Donkey: "The Ballad of Tommy and Marla", "Suburbia", "Old Lover's House", "War"

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