Weird comedy movie released in 1967. Directed and written by Theodore J. Flicker and starring James Coburn as endangered psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Schaefer, Godfrey Cambridge as loveable CIA assassin Don Masters, and Severn Darden as loveable KGB assassin Kropotkin.

The plot: Dr. Sidney Schaefer is honored when he is selected to be the personal psychiatrist for the President of the United States of America, but the pressure quickly gets to be too much. He cracks under the strain and goes on the run, followed by government agents, both domestic and foreign, who either want to find out what Dr. Schaefer knows or kill him to keep anyone else from finding out. He gains two allies when he helps a couple of hitmen work through their psychological problems, and in the end, they all have to battle the evil masterminds controlling the world... the phone company.

The film was an absolute flop when it was released, but it got good reviews from critics. Over time, it ended up becoming a cult classic -- but a minor cult classic, so most people haven't even heard of it. 

It will probably cost me reputation, but I'd just like to add that this film came out only months before Abbie Hoffman wrote the first YiPL paper, encouraging people to rip off AT&T, on the grounds that a special tax on long distance phone calls went directly to the Department of Defense. YiPL begat TAP, which begat the Blue Box, which begat Apple Computer, and the art and craft of hacking as we know it today.

I wish I were enough of a conspiracy theorist to suspect more than a coincidence.

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