A strange novel by C.S. Friedman. Earth lies prostate under the feet of the Tyr, or to be more precise, a Tyr, due to the hive mind nature of the species. They have almost wiped out any hint of a history before their Conquest, and one of the few who remembers is Daetrin - who remembers because he was still young when Rome fell. Daetrin also has a nutrional deficiency best assuaged through the consumption of haemoglobins and a hypersensitivity towards sunlight. And he can shapechange into almost any species, with a preference towards wolves. Sounds familiar?

Even these skills do not protect him from the Tyr, and he is removed from Earth, never to return. Another refugee hiding in the Tyr's longships is an unnamed Marra, a energy-based race with no true personality and limited memory, who bases their Identity upon their embodied clients. And there is also Fred, the Raakat Tyr who shows signs of something different from the unity of the Tyr, and who also shows signs of insanity, for The Madness Season is coming...

Not my favorite C.S. Friedman novel, but still very interesting.

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