C.S. Friedman novel about two warring civilizations and the respective generals of each. Braxi is a sexist feudalistic culture where rigid castes live out their lives at the whim of others. Zatar is a member of the highest class and strangely different from most - at once more empathetic and more ruthless. Azea is a democratic group of worlds where one race - the Azeans - rule kindly but forcefully. Anzha must deal with her parents' death, the subtle racism of Azeans towards an Azean in all but skin color, and her budding telepathic abilities, while maneuvering to fight the Braxians. Diametrically opposed, there is still a strange connection between the two.

Not my favorite C.S. Friedman novel, but still an interesting and ingrossing one. It's one of her earlier ones, and it shows, but if you've enjoyed one of her other books it's a worthy read.

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