"Attention Scum! You are nothing. Absolutely nothing! You are idiots, morons, fools, dullards, idiots, morons, fools, dullards, scum! scum! Buckets. You live in buckets! Flim flam! Flim flam! Shaven monkeys! Idiots morons fools dullards!"

BBC comedy show, first broadcast on Radio One in the UK (around 1996) and finally given a TV slot as a game show under the name Either Or on sister cable channel UK Play (around 1999) before making it into a fully fledged series on the more mainstream BBC 2.

The show is written by and stars Simon Munnery, who was also responsible for (amongst others) the stand-up comedian Alan Parker Urban Warrior. Munnery is backed by a bizarre female opera singer and occasional supporting actors from the British comedy scene. The radio show was an hour long mixture of Acid Jazz music and small sketches. The main theme of the show (continued onto the TV version) seems to be belittling the audience (see above).

Either Or as a game show involved a series of inane questions posed to a panel of 20 or so "anonymous" contestants. The prize was to be allowed to leave, and the loser had his/her anonymity stripped. This was determined by The Sword of Dstnui (accompanied by an operatic "Dstn-wee!") which has a small TV camera on it, used to intimidate victims.

The TV program continued the theme set by Either Or and featured Munnery in front of a large TV projector, with amateurish computer drawings, special effects and animations to illustrate his non-sequitur fu*, inane observations** and surrealist rambles. Munnery hints at more than a slight tint of left-wing anarchic ideals - especially when he took the show to the streets for Attention Scum, presenting to bemused audiences from the top of a large van in pub car parks.

* "I clip your ears with my non-sequiturs!"
** "Why do bees like honey? Since they make it, it can only be vanity."

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