From the people who brought you Goodness Gracious Me comes this new BBC series which has been called by many as the jewel in BBC comedy lineup crown.

The main actors in it are Sanjeev Bhaskar as Sanjeev Kumar and Meera Syal as Grandma Kumar. The show focuses around Sanjeev Kumar who aspires to be a chatshow host and has a chatshow room in the back garden, every episode there is two or three celebrities who come in and are asked questions by Sanjeev, the comedy comes from the relatives who sit with Sanjeev and tend to derail the chat and turning it into a hilarious half-hour programme. Grandma Kumar brings the most laughs often asking questions which would seem unsuitable on any other programme.

The mother and father sit quitely listening then they suddenly burst in with a comment on the celebrity or bringing up the subject of Sanjeev being hitched with any female celebrities, which embarrasses Sanjeev because he is give the impression of being shy living with his parents at the age of 30.

The show really comes into its own on days where the whole Kumar family is involved, such as holiday season, often Sanjeev is rebuked by his parents in punjabi and some of these rebukes are very funny. What I like most about this show is that it is so close to my own family, I promise you if this is meant to be an extrordinarily outrageous example of a stereotypical Indian family then it hits the nail on the head with every disfunctional member of the family included. It probably is more enjoyable to someone of Indian extraction because there are very obvious likenesses to my own family but it really has improved on the original Goodness Gracious Me and has become a whole new show in a whole new style.

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