At last, it was time for Prince Sherman to take his leave.
"My dear Ute. I owe you an apology. When I first came here, I saw you as a prize. A trinket. Something to be gained through bargaining or through war. But now... as I've gotten to know you, I begun to see the person that you are, and I love you even more now. I'm so sorry for the tactless way I barged into your life. All I ask are two things."
"Yes, Prince Sherman?" said Ute, not knowing quite what to think.
"First, that you at least consider giving me your hand in marriage. Don't say no right away, just think about it."
"Alright, I won't say 'no' right away. I'll think about it." said Ute noncomittally. Truth be told, she was shocked and moved by this suddenly vulnerable side of Prince Sherman, but she wasn't about to let on. "What's the second thing?"
"The second thing," said the prince drawing close, "is that you give me a kiss in parting". Before she could react, he had her engulfed in his powerful arms, and his lips pressed firmly against hers. She had never been this close to a man before, and felt dizzy from the faintly musky but not altogether unpleasant smell of his body. Her own body was doing some strange things.
"Hah! She's going to fall for it hook, line, and sinker. I know all about women like her. She's good as mine." thought Prince Sherman, as his body shrank and changed shape.
"Rrrrribbitt?" said the frog who was formerly known as a prince. "RrriIbbBit?!!!" He hopped up and down angrily on top of a pile of princely robes. "Ribbitribbitribbit!"
Ute looked at the frog in shock and horror. next->

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