The next morning found Ute and Prince Sherman having scones, tea, and scrambled firebird eggs (the kind that cook themselves as soon as you break them). Prince Sherman was quite the smooth talker. He showered Ute with gifts and compliments. He bragged about his exploits, and went off on a tangent about the unspeakable tortures he inflicted upon prisoners of war, but was at least smart enough to change the subject when he noticed Ute wasn't listening. He started asking Ute questions about her life, and got her talking about her friends, the Ladies in Waiting. Involuntarily, she got drawn into telling him about their adventures and actually started to enjoy herself. Prince Sherman listened with what appeared to be rapt attention... and in fact was... it was valuable strategic information he was getting out of this spirited but naive girl. Ah, what an enjoyable little wife she would soon make for him. next->

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