An enjoyable read put together by the clever author, Gene Wolfe. This story is presented in three seperate sections, which only flirt with direct plot linkage, but are very well tied together conceptually.

As in many of his other novels, Gene pays so much attention to detail; stylistically, descriptively and in characterization, he keeps his shit together. The story seems to take on a texture, with so many things to focus on, all interlinked and presented in a mosaic form. This richness that the book has requires quite a bit of user(reader) participation. It's cool.

To set your mind slightly apart from the sometimes gruelling detail, Mr. Wolfe includes the most fantastic, nearly bordering on sci-fi kitsch imagery. From sub-emotional androids, to binary planets, to insects that weave miles of silk over the ocean, reading the book for this quality alone could be just as satisfying.

Recommended brain candy.

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