"The Knight" is book one of the two part fantasy series called The Wizard Knight by the great science fiction writer Gene Wolfe.

This book is about a young man who has been transported somehow from present day America to a medievil-style world with seven levels of reality. The course of the story really begins when the protagonist Able meets a knight who strikes him as being extremely noble and charismatic, and later when he falls in love with the beautiful queen of the moss Aelf, Disiri, who gives him the accolade and inspires him to seek out the legengary sword Eterne.

The adventure goes on from there. Even though that plot description above sounds alarmingly cheesy and unoriginal, the book is not. Like all Gene Wolfe novels, it is absolutely packed full of originality and intriguing ideas. You have to think hard to understand the subtle mysteries and to enjoy what is really going on.

These are some of the interesting themes in the book:

-Each of the seven levels are populated by characteristic groups of beings, for example the Aelf (rather like mythological Elves in that they are mischievious and their real agendas are usually uncertain). There are also dragons, Overcyns and weird angel like people.

-Eating people or drinking their blood makes you more like them, or helps you be more "real" in their level if it is not also your own.

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