The Electric Six is a rather humorous band that hails from lovely Detroit, Michigan, though you wouldn't think so from... basically anything about them. They have a tendency to end up cross-dressed, a knack for satirizing certain tropes of society, and their concerts have a certain dancibility, if you would dance with the people who go to their concerts (and I hope you would).Besides all that, their sound is at once a combination of disco, rock, and sexual lyrics blended together to create what some would term an "earthshaking orgasm", though others certainly have less kind, unforgiving words for it. A few might even be brave enough to term it "immature", something which the band responds to with music videos of Abraham Lincoln pole dancing and taking bubble baths. Immaturity is a talent of theirs.

The blog entries on the band's website are also all personally written by Dick Valentine and offer up an amusing (if rarely updated) chronicle of the band's lifespan and tend to try to sell you t-shirts. Dick's level of competency is such that (and I am merely fantasizing here) he might get along quite well here at E2.

Their line-up has changed throughout the years but currently consists of:

Dick Valentine- Vocalist
Tait Nucleus? (yes, the name does have a question mark on the end)- Keyboards, synth, that sort of thing.
The Colonel- Lead Guitar
Johhny Na$hinal- Another Lead Guitar
Percussion World- Drums
And their latest addition,
Smorgasbord, who they picked up in Sweden somewhere along the way (no, really, they did) and now plays bass.

That said, I suggest you check out some of their music videos, particularly the semi-famous "Gay Bar" and "I Buy The Drugs".

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