First Apperance: Akira #1

The Colonel is the head of the armed forces of Neo-Tokyo and has an intimate relationship with the three children - Takashi, Masaru, and Kiyoko. Mainly, he attempts to keep the peace with all the other nations of the world, while attempting to maintain the order in Neo-Tokyo. His cunning and resourcefulness keeps him alive through some of the most devastation attacks mustered by Tetsuo or Akira. Much like Kaneda, the Colonel musters great courage in the face of the powers of the awoken people.

The Colonel from the beginning of the story attempts to keep the power of Tetsuo under control in order to keep Akira dormant. Most of his actions in the beginning attempt to pull Tetsuo, christening him Number 41, under the wings of his research group in order to protect the people of the world from another disaster. However, once Tetsuo escapes, the Colonel begins to prepare for what he thinks is the inevitable rise of Akira.

The rise of Akira and the downfall into civil war in Neo-Tokyo shows the Colonel attempting to kill Akira, just as Lady Miyako does. The Colonel is unsuccessful and kills Takashi instead. He was made to witness the fall of Neo-Tokyo and the rise of the new order, the Great Tokyo Empire. This changes much of the Colonel's opinions of the former rebel faction member, such as Kay and Ryu. The struggle to fight the combine power of Akira and Tetsuo.

In the movie, the Colonel plays a pivotal role in the development of the plot. Much like his counterparter from the comic, the Colonel attempts to control Tetsuo and harness his power for the use of Neo-Tokyo. However, the Colonel isn't give the emotional power that he has in the comic, and we don't see his arguments with some of the leaders of the revolt. The Colonel from the movie seems to be a lot more black and white than the comic version, but has the same power behind him.

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