The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll

Chronologically listed, I'll hardlink as I node them.
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1845                My Fairy
1845                Punctuality
1845                Melodies
1845                Brother and Sister
1845                Facts
1845                Rules and Regulations
1849                Hints for Etiquette; or, Dining Out made Easy
1849                A Hemispherical Problem
1850                Horrors
1850                Misunderstandings
1850                As It fell upon a Day
1850-1853     Ye Fattale Cheyse
1850-1853     Lays of Sorrow, No. 1
1950-1853     Lays of Sorrow, No. 2
1853                The Two Brothers
1853                Solitude
1854                Wilhelm von Schmitz
1854                The Lady of Ladle
1854                Coronach
1855                She's All my Fancy painted Him
1855                Photography Extraordinary
1855                Lays of Mystery, Imagination, and Humour, No. 1: The Palace of Humbug
1856                Upon the Lonely Moor
1856                Ye Carpette Knyghte
1856                The Three Voices
1856                The Path of Roses
1856                Novelty and Romancement
1856-1860    The Legend of Scotland
1857                Hiawatha's Photographing
1857                The Sailor's Wife
1859                The Willow-Tree
1860                Faces in the Fire
1860                A Photographer's Day Out
1860                Rules for Court Circular
1860                A Valentine
1860-1863    Poeta Fit, non Nascitur
1861                A Sea Dirge
1861                Ode to Damon
1861                Those Horrid Hurdy-Gurdies!
1861                Acrostic: Little maidens, when you look
1861                Three Sunsets
1861                After Three Days
1862                My Fancy
1862                Beatrice
1862                Stolen Waters
1862                Only a Woman's Hair
1862                The Mock Turtle's Song (early version)
1863                Croquet Castles
1863                Size and Tears
1863                The Majesty of Justice
1864                Examination Statute
1865                The New Method of Evaluation
1865                The Dynamics of a Parti-cle
1865                Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
1866                The Elections of the Hebdomadal Council
1867                The Deserted Parks
1868                The Valley of the Shadow of Death
1868                The Offer of the Clarendon Trustees
1868                The Alphabet-Cipher
1869                Phantasmagoria
1869                Melancholetta
1869                Theme with Variations
1869                Atalanta in Camden Town
1869                The Lang Coortin'
1869                To Three puzzled little Girls, from the Author
1869                Double Acrostic: I sing a place wherein agree
1869                Three Little Maids
1870                Puzzles from Wonderland
1871                Prologue I
1871                Prologue to "La Guida di Bragia"
1871                Three Children
1872                Two Thieves
1872                The New Belfry of Christ Church, Oxford
1872                Through the Looking Glass
1873                Prologue II
1873                The Vision of the Three T's
1874                The Blank Cheque
1875                Some Popular Fallacies about Vivisection
1876                The Hunting of the Snark
1876                Fame's Penny-Trumpet
1876                Acrostic: "Are you deaf, Father William?"
1876                Acrostic: Maidens! if you love the tale
1876                Acrostic: Love-lighted eyes, that will not start
1876                Acrostic: Maiden, though thy heart may quail
1877                Madrigal
1878                Love among the Roses
1879                Doublets
1880                A Tangled Tale
1880, 1881    Two Poems to Rachel Daniel
1881                The Lyceum
1882                Dreamland
1882                Mischmasch
1883                Echoes
1883                A Game of Fives
1883                Rhyme? and Reason?
1883                Lawn Tennis Tournaments
1884                Twelve Months in a Curatorship
1886                To my Child-Friend
1886                Three Years in a Curatorship
1888                A Lesson in Latin
1889                Sylvie and Bruno
1889                 A Nursery Darling
1889                 Maggie's Visit to Oxford
1890                 Eight of Nine Wise Words about Letter Writing
1891                 Maggie B---
1891                 Puck Lost and Found
1891                 A Postal Problem
1893                 Sylvie and Bruno Concluded
1894                 What the Tortoise said to Achilles
1895                 A Selection from Symbolic Logic
1896                 Resident Women-Students
1897                 Introduction to The Lost Plum Cake

N.D.                 Miss Jones
N.D.                 Four Riddles
N.D.                 Puzzle
N.D.                 Acrostic: Round the wondrous globe
N.D.                 Acrostic: Maidens, if a maid you meet
N.D.                 Acrostic: Around my lonely hearth to-night
N.D.                 A Riddle
N.D.                 A Limerick
N.D.                 To M. A. B.

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