Ye Fattale Cheyse

Ytte wes a mirke an dreiry cave,
Weet scroggis1 owr ytte creepe.
Gurgles withyn yee flowan wave
Throw channel braid an deep

Never withyn that dreir recesse
Wes sene ye lyghte of daye,
Quhat bode azont2 yts mirkinesse3
Nane kend annane mote saye.

Ye monarche rade owr brake an brae
An drave ye yellynge packe,
Hiz meany4 au' richte cadgily5
Are wendynge6 yn hiz tracke.

Wi' eager iye, wi' yalpe an crye
Ye hondes yode7 down ye rocks,
Ahead of au' their companye
Renneth ye panky8 foxe.

Ye foxe hes soughte that cave of awe
Forewearied9 wi' hiz rin.
Quha nou ys he sae bauld an braw10
To dare to enter yn?

Wi' eager bounde hes ilka honde
Gane till that caverne dreir,
Fou11 many a yowl12 ys13 hearde arounde,
Fou11 many a screech of feir.

Like ane wi' thirstie appetite
Quha swalloweth orange pulp,
Wes hearde a huggle an a bite,
A swallow an a gulp.

Ye kynge hes lap grae aff hiz steid,
Outbrayde14 hiz trenchant brande;
"Quha on my packe of hondes doth feed,
Maun deye benead thilke hande."

Sae sed, sae dune: ye stonderes15 hearde
Fou many a mickle16 stroke,
Sowns17 luke ye flappynge of a birde,
A struggle an a choke.

Owte of ye cave scarce fette18 they ytte,
Wi pow19 an push an hau'20--
Whereof Y've drawne a littel bytte,
Bot durst not draw ytte au.21

Lewis Carroll, 1850-1853

  1. bushes.
  2. beyond.
  3. darkness.
  4. company.
  5. merrily.
  6. going journeying.
  7. went.
  8. cunning.
  9. much wearied.
  10. brave.
  11. full.
  12. howl.
  13. is.
  14. drawn.
  15. bystanders.
  16. heavy.
  17. sounds.
  18. fetched.
  19. pull.
  20. haul.
  21. all.

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