A Tangled Tale


To My Pupil
Beloved Pupil! Tamed by thee,
Addish-, Subtrac-, Multiplica-tion,
Division, Fractions, Rule of Three,
Attest thy deft manipulation
Then onward! Let the voice of Fame
From Age to Age repeat thy story,
Till thou hast won thyself a name
Exceeding even Euclid's glory.

Knot One - Excelsior
Knot Two - Eligible Apartments
Knot Three - Mad Mathesis
Knot Four - The Dead Reckoning
Knot Five - Oughts and Crosses
Knot Six - Her Radiancy
Knot Seven - Petty Cash
Knot Eight - De Omnibus Rebus
Knot Nine - A Serpent With Corners
Knot Ten - Chelsea Buns

Lewis Carroll,1880

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