Man naturally loves delay,
And to procrastinate;
Business put off from day to day
Is always done too late.

Let every hour be in its place
Firmly fixed, nor loosely shift,
And well enjoy the vacant space,
As though a birthday gift.

And when the hour arrives, be there,
Where'er that "there" may be;
Uncleanly hands or ruffled hair
Let no one ever see

If dinner at "half-past" be placed,
At "half-past" then be dressed.
If at a "quarter-past" make hast
To be down with the rest.

Better to be before your time,
Than e'er to be behind;
To ope the door while strikes the chime,
That shows a punctual mind.

Let punctuality and care
Seize every flitting hour,
So shalt thou cull a floweret fair,
E'en from a fading flower

Lewis Carroll

Punc`tu*al"i*ty (?), n. [Cf. F. ponctualit'e.]

The quality or state of being punctual; especially, adherence to the exact time of an engagement; exactness.


© Webster 1913.

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